Loch Coruisk and top Sgurr na Stri

3- day backpacking loop trip from Sligachan via Sgurr na Stri

Day 1: Sligachan – Loch Coruisk
Walking hours:4h
Photo moments: 30min
Distance: 12.5km
Altitude: 425m ascent, 425m descent

It’s already 4am when we arrive in Sligachan and we need to pack our backpacks before we can start our hike. Around 5am we can start our hike. We hope to reach Loch Coruisk before it start to get dark. It’s normally about 4 hours walk to Loch Coruisk. So basically we can reach it before the darkness falls. We park our car along the road close to the building of the Skye Mountain Rescue Team. There are a few places to park your car. We cross the river Sligachan with a old stone bridge. We follow the left river bank. After six kilometers we pass the two lakes Lochan Dubha. After a while we cross the river  Allt nam Fraoch Choire. Then we start the start the climb of 250 meters to the mountain pass Sgurr-Hain.

Now we can start the descent of a three hundred meters to Loch Coruisk. The descent goes well, until we begin to approach Loch Coruisk. It already starts to get dark, this make it harder to find a good way to the lake. When we finally reach the Lake it is almost completely dark. This make it harder to find a good place to set up our tent. But after while we find a good place.

Day 2:  Loch Coruisk – between Loch Dubha and Loch an Athain via top Sgurr na
Walking hours:3h30
Photo moments: 2h
Distance: 8km
Altitude: 540m ascent, 510m descent

Today we walk back in the direction of Sligachan, for most of the part we walk the same route. We’re taking a break at Loch Coruisk to make some pictures. Yesterday it was already too dark to make some pictures. After the break we start the climb of 300 meters to the mountain pass Sgurr-Hain. From the mountain pass it’s still a 150 meters walking to the top Sgurr na Stri. Here we have a beautiful view on Loch Coruisk, Loch na Cuilce, Loch nan Leachd and the Black Cuillins.

After the Summit we walk back to the mountain pass Sgurr-Hain by a wide mountain ridge. And from here we follow the same route back down. When we are back at the river Allt nam Fraoch Choire, we find a nice spot to set up the tent. We’ll bivouac between the lakes Loch Athain and Loch an Dubha. It was also possible to walk back to the car. But we have to drive 200 kilometers to the next hiking area. So it seems better to us to do that tomorrow.

Day 3: Between Loch Dubha and Loch an Athain – Sligachan
Walking hours:1h45
Photo moments: 30min
Distance: 8km
Altitude: 80m ascent, 110m descent

Today it’s about 8 kilometers walking back to the car. After less then two hours we reach te car.

Here you can find the gps track of each day.

Loch Coruisk Day 1
Loch Coruisk Day 2
Loch Coruisk Day 3

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