Beinn Trilleachan

Walking hours: 6h30
Photo moments: 1h
Distance: 11km
Altitude: 950m ascent, 950m descent

We park our car at the car park at the end of the road near Loch Etive. First we follow a while the edge of the forest. There is a path along the fence. After a 2.5 km begins the steep climb through the river bed. After a climb of 300 meters, it begins to rise more evenly. Now we are on the ridge Meall nan Gobhar.  Soon we reach the first summit Trilleachan Slabs with a height of 767 m. Afther the top there follows  a short steep descent of 75 meters along steep precipices. Then there follows a evenly climb to the top of the Beinn Trilleachan with a height of 840m. On the top of the Beinn Trilleachan, we meet two Scottisch people. They tell us that the climb over the ridge Meall nan Gobhar to the top easier is then the route we took. Now we walk about one kilometer the same way back. Now there follows a long steep descent towards Glen Etive. There are many loose rocks. Even the big ones are unstable. After two hours we are finally back at the lake. Now we walk about 1.5 km along the lake back to the car park.

Here you can find the gps track. 

We sleep this night in our car close to Buachaille Etive Mòr, it’s an amazing place to make some long exposure shots. Next time we will climb this munro!



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