Aquapac Mini Whanganui

I use my Iphone to calculate the long exposure times. Because most of the time i make landscape and nature photos, i want a waterproof case for it. The Aquapac Mini Whanganui ensures that I can use my Iphone when it’s raining. It is not shock-proof, but that was not necessary. I used it in Wales last year during a backpacking trip and my Iphone was still dry after 3 days of rain.

    • everything works normally through the case, also the touchscreen
    • you can talk and hear through the case
    • the aquaclip opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers, and everything stays in one piece even when it’s open
    • lightweight
    • it’s not shock-proof, there are waterproof and shock-proof cases
    • it would be better when the case was transparent at both sides





5 thoughts on “Aquapac Mini Whanganui”

  1. Kasper, silly question as it had nothing to do with the waterproof case 😉. What soft you use to calculate long exposures? Ps is it okay if I pass by tomorrow after work.

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