Lundhags Authentic Pant

Lundhags is a company from Jämtland in Sweden. They are manufacturing shoes, clothes and backpacks. The Lundhags authentic pant is a stretch hybrid pant with a FC free DWR treatment. The pant is made of polycotton LPC Eco ( 65% polyester and 35% organic cotton). There are stretch panels on seat, knees and crotch made of Schoeller Dynamic Extreme fabric. These stretch panels improve the movement, especially the crotch gusset gives a maximum freedom of movement. I notice this when i take photos from a low angle. There are also reinforced insteps made of Cordura fabric. You can attach your pant to the shoe with a boot hook. On the outside there is a compression system ( Boot-loc ), that allows you to tighten the pants around the ankles. But we find it not so easy to adjust the boot-loc system, but maybe we do it wrong. 😉
There is a ventilation zipper on the outside of each leg between the knee and the hip. You don’t feel the zips when you are walking, they do not disturb at all.  There are two hand pockets and two leg pockets with velcro. The right leg pocket has a little bag inside for a GSM. There are also no bottom pockets because they will only reduce the comfort that the stretch panel will give. But honestly we would prefer at least one zipper pocket instead of a velcro pocket.  Lundhags have pants with zipper pockets but then there are no stretch panels.  But maybe the zipper pockets will give less comfort then the velcro pockets.
The pant has a regular fit with mid waist, available in the lengths: long, short and normal.  There are a lot of colors available: forest green, thee green, black, sand, eclipse blue and red.
    • stretch panels for maximum freedom of movement
    • ventilation zippers
    • the boot-loc system
    • the boot hook
    • robust
    • very comfortable
  • adjusting the boot-loc system
  • maybe missing a zipper pocket

Get your  Lundhags Authentic pant here. 


4 thoughts on “Lundhags Authentic Pant”

  1. Hi Kasper,

    I also have a Lundhags-pants with an awkward to use Boot-loc. I rather wear some gaiters when moving through thick, wet brushes. Very well-written review!

      1. Okay i only have seen the authentic, rocketeer and another version in the Kariboe in Hasselt. My brother’s girlfriend has the basic Lundhags pant but she have zipper leg pockets. But i can’t find it on the website. It’s looks like the Ahke.

        I have tried the Lundhags Syncro mid boots but they didn’t fit me so good as my Hanwag Alaska and Yukon boots.

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