Jetboil Sol Titanium

A friend of ours recommended the Jetboil system. He found it very easy to use and compact. Before the Jetboil we used a MSR SuperFly stove. But this was not perfect for us. The support system of this stove is very sharp. Because of that we found it not so easy to put it in the backpack. Because it can damage other gear. And another problem of the stove was that it wasn’t stable enough. We had plenty of times that the pot falls of the stove. And you need also a windscreen to protect the flame.

Now after using the Jetboil more then 50 times. It’s time to give our opinion about it. For us this system is much better. It’s compact, it has the same size of a Therm-a-Rest Xtherm mattress. That makes it easy to pack in the backpack. And there is an extra advantage, everything fits inside the pot. Even the fuel can when you use a 100 gram fuel can. It’s extremely stable when you use the fuel stabilizer. And the boiling time is very fast. In less then 2.5 minutes you have boiling water. Because we always eat freeze dried food the boiling time is perfect. We think it’s not so easy to cook food in the pot because it’s not so easy to adjust the flame.  But for boiling water the Jetboil is just perfect! Here you can find our pros and cons of the Jetboil.


  • it’s compact, everything fits inside the pot when you use a 100 gram fuel can
  • super-fast boil times
  • easy to use
  • the fuel stabilizer works great
  • you lock the pot on the burner, which gives you less chance that the pot falls over
  • measurement markings inside the cup are very handy when you use freeze dried food packages
  • insulating sleeve works good
  • you don’t need a windscreen to protect the flame


  • the insulating sleeve is separating
  • the flame is hard to adjust, we only boil our water for freeze dries food packages so it’s not a problem for us.
  • it’s quite expensive but it’s worth the money
  • we found it lightweight ( 338 gram for everything ) but there are lighter systems available






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