Waterproof camerabag Koenig liteBag 2

Before this camerabag I had two other bags. My first bag was a toploading bag of Lowepro, type Toploader 75AW. The building quality is very good. But when it’s raining, the bag is not waterproof enough. There is a rain fly that you can put over the bag when it’s raining. But it didn’t work perfectly. When you are walking a long time in the rain the inside of the bags begins to get wet. Therefore I put the camerabag in a drysack but then I notice that I didn’t make that much photos anymore. Because of that I only use the bag at day walks when I’m sure it will not rain. My other camera bag is from Aquapac, type Stormproof SLR camera bag. This one was very fast broken during a backpacking trip in Iceland. The bag was completly waterproof, but one of the anchorages was broken after 7 days of use. So of course, I was very disappointed that the bag was so fast broken.

When I get back from Iceland, I did some research work to find a another waterproof bag.  The choice is very limited. After a while I found the brand Koenig from Germany. This company makes waterproof camera bags with Ortlieb drysacks. I have bought the liteBag 2. This is the smallest and lightest model of Koenig. This is even lighter than the Lowepro bag. This is a shoulder bag instead of a toploading bag. But the bag has 4 solid anchorages for the carrying system. I use the chest harness of Ortlieb. The exterior is completely waterproof. There is a small zipper pouch on the front of the bag this isn’t waterproof. The bag works as the principle of a drysack. Three times roll over and the bag is waterproof. The inside consists of a soft case, there are two flaps that are closing when you close the camera bag. It’s possible to adjust the inside with two bulkheads using a velcro system. The bag is perfect to store my Nikon DSLR and a wide angle lens and telephoto zoom lens. And there’s still a place to store some spare batteries.

The water resistance of the bag is perfectly revealed after our trip to Snowdonia. The Inside of the bag was the driest spot of the 3-day that we hiked. Our waterproof trousers didn’t survive it. The bag costs twice as much as the Aquapac or Lowepro. But you can be sure that your precious camera and accessories are safe and dry in it.

The following I have not tested yet but according to me the bag will even float when it falls into the water, when you ford a river. Because when you close the bag there will remains air in it.


  • waterproof
  • robust
  • easy access
  • enough place for a reflex camera and 2 lenses


  •  because it’s a shoulder bag it’s wider to wear it on your chest with the harness then a toploading bag


I am very satisfied of the bag. It’s a perfect bag for me. I personally prefer a toploader this give a little more comfort when you wear it on your chest. But the benefits of this bag are that there’s place for an extra lens and some accesories. I can definitely recommend the bag to persons who want to store their camera material sturdy and waterproof during a hiking trip.

Koenig Website

7 thoughts on “Waterproof camerabag Koenig liteBag 2”

  1. Op de Cumbria Way ben ik van plan om de DSLR mee te nemen, ik ben dus nog op zoek naar een goede bag voor op de borst te dragen, alvast bedankt voor dit review.

    1. Het Ortlieb draagsysteem vind ik wel te ruim voor mijn postuur. Als ik het op het kleinste zet is het nog te groot. Ik heb me er zelf eentje gemaakt en dit is perfect. 😉 Ik laat het je wel eens zien als je wilt 🙂

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