2Oookstar Trailstar nest, chikara floor and walls made of 50 CM cuben, the rest is made of mesh

Before this inner tent we have used the prototype of the trailstar nest. This was an temporary solution because our inner tent was not delivered in time. Just in time the inner tent was delivered before we go to Norway. This inner tent is a combination of a floor of Chikara (a nylon ripstop fabric). This material is lighter than the 30D silnylon material that was used in the prototype. And the Chikara material is as durable as the 30D silnylon. The walls are made of 50 cm cuben fiber, the rest is made of mesh. The 50 cm of cuben fiber serves for the possible splashing water. And it keeps the wind out of the inner tent while you sleep in the tent. This inner tent weighs together about a 475 grams. That’s nice, 2 bivouac bags will also weighs 300 a 400 grams. And the biggest advantage is that we now have a mosquito free living space under the trailstar. You can attach the inner tent with clips to the Trailstar. But we never do this because you get wet when you need to detach the clips in the morning. Because sometims the trailstar is wet of the morning dew that hangs on the inside of the trailstar. And then you get an extra chance to make the inner tent also wet. We find the inner space gigantic towards our Hilleberg Nammatj 3. With our Hilleberg we were always puzzling to get everything in the tent. In the 2Oookstar nest, we have even space over.


  • lightweight
  • waterproof bottom
  • no splashing of water under the trailstar
  • mosquito free living space
  • large inner tent with a lot of space to store your gear
  • excellent quality provided by OookStars
  • it’s possible to chose which fabrics you want to use


  • maybe you find the hight of the inner tent to low
  • much higher price then two bivouac bags but you have a complete inner tent
  • it takes some time and practice to set up the trailstar in combination with the inner tent


We are very pleased of the inner tent. Especially in combination with the MLD trailstar. We are also very happy with the quality provided by Oookworks. I can therefore recommend it to everyone that wants a dry and mosquito free living space for under his trailstar.

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